About the Austin Genealogical Society

The purposes for which this Society is organized include:

  1. To promote an interest in genealogy.
  2. To investigate, collect, record, publish and deposit in libraries, archives, and digital or electronic repositories the genealogical and historical materials of Texas, with particular focus on items pertaining to the City of Austin and/or Travis County.
  3. To educate its members and the general public in the use of historical and genealogical reference materials.
  4. To support genealogical libraries, archival collections, and access to and preservation of records that will benefit the research efforts of the Society.

Officers and Board of Directors


President: Anne Mamiya
First Vice President: James E. Bridges
Second Vice President: Marcia Arn
Secretary: Erin Garcia
Treasurer: Karin Nelson
2016 Term 2017 Term
James E. Bridges Marcia Arn
Missy Harris Teresa Devine
Karin Nelson Erin Garcia
Jan Pelosi Anne Mamiya
Robin Raben Jean Marostica
Trisha Thompson Cari Taplin
Education Coordinator Cari Taplin
Federation of Genealogical Societies Delegate Karin Nelson
Historian Trisha Thompson
Hospitality Missy Harris
Lifetime Learning Institute Coordinator Inez Eppright
Membership Missy Harris
Membership Directory Jean Marostica
Publicity Coordinator TBD
Newsletter Editor Robin Raben
Programs Coordinator Marcia Arn
Quarterly Editor Angela Doetsch
Seminar Coordinator Teresa Devine
Travis Co. Records Coordinator &
Travis Co. Query Contact
Kay Boyd
Texas State Genealogical Society Delegate Cari Taplin
Texas State Library and Archives Liaison Missy Harris
Webmaster Jean Marostica