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PERSI: Genealogy’s Hidden Treasure @ Highland Park Baptist Church
Sep 25 @ 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm
PERSI: Genealogy’s Hidden Treasure @ Highland Park Baptist Church | Austin | Texas | United States

If you have never heard of PERSI or know little about it, this is a presentation you need to attend. PERSI is truly a treasure for all genealogists, from beginner to expert. And with Cari’s guidance, you soon be using PERSI like a Pro.

What is PERSI? PERSI, or the Periodical Source Index, was created to be a primary research tool for genealogists. It is the most extensive genealogical and local history subject index available. The PERSI database includes twenty-two subject headings, and 2.7 million surnames and locations. So, if you have a particular family line that has been a stubborn brick wall, or are looking for more information on the life of an ancestor, then the PERSI database is for you!

Speaker: Cari Taplin

Our September Speaker, Cari A. Taplin, is a Certified Genealogist® and has served in a wide variety of volunteer and leadership positions for state, local, and national societies. She currently serves on the boards of the Association for Professional Genealogists and the Federation of Genealogical Societies.

She has spoken and given classes at the National Genealogical Society Annual Conference, the Federation of Genealogical Society’s Annual Conference, at the Texas State Genealogical Society, and at many regional genealogical societies, AGS included.

Cari, a native of Wood County, Ohio, now lives in Pflugerville. As the owner of GenealogyPANTS, she provides speaking, research, and consultation services. When she’s not working on her genealogy, she is a wife and mother of two/too cute kids.

The Ultimate Brick Wall: Tracing Your Lost Female Surnames @ Highland Park Baptist Church
Oct 23 @ 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm
The Ultimate Brick Wall: Tracing Your Lost Female Surnames @ Highland Park Baptist Church | Austin | Texas | United States

If you are like me, nothing is more frustrating than having an unresolved gap in your family tree. More often than not, that gap is caused by a lost female surname. And in not knowing who these women were and where they came from, we lose part of our heritage. We lose their history. We lose their stories. And we lose a chain of other surnames and stories tied to the wife’s family.

Solving surname puzzles isn’t easy. It takes focus, organization, and all the resources one can muster. In our October presentation Rob Richardson will show you how to organize your research and where to locate resources that can lead to a successful surname discovery. Rob will provide you with a “Find-That-Surname” checklist that will carry you through a series of steps to (1) logically organize your search, (2) develop theories concerning the surname based upon available evidence, and then (3) provide steps to take to prove the surname is correct, including use of DNA test results.

So, retrieve that bit of Sherlock Holmes buried within you and follow the clues that lead to your third great grandmother’s missing name. With diligence and organization, you can find that name and fill that gap. Rob will show you how.

Speaker: Rob Richardson

Rob Richardson is now completing his second year on the AGS Board where he is currently the Chair for AGS Monthly Presentations. He became interested in genealogy in 1987 after receiving a hand- drawn family tree from a relative – later determined to be full or errors. It turned out that sadly, Rob was not related to a signer of the Declaration of Independence. But it was the work Rob did validating that tree that triggered his love of genealogy. Rob is a graduate of the University of Texas with a degree in chemistry and Texas A&M with a graduate degree in environmental chemistry. Rob worked as a consultant at an Austin-based environmental services company during his 40-year career, working principally with the EPA, DOD, and semiconductor industry.